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Disney Performing Arts

The Disney Performing Arts programme offers performance opportunities to amateur groups, with the aim of giving participants a glimpse into Disney's professional world of entertainment by offering them the unique, once in a lifetime experience of becoming a "Disney" performer for the day! 
Four main group types are eligible to apply: instrumental, choral, dance & parade.

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DateGroup's nameCountryVenueTypeShow time
03/11/2014Hadrian Academy ChoirEnglandVideopolisChoir with movement13h00
04/11/2014Dance Ensemble ApelsinRussiaVideopolisDance13h00
04/11/2014Dance Studio EtoileRussia FederationVideopolisDance14h00
09/11/2014Hymers Junior School ChoirEnglandVideopolisChoir13h00
10/11/2014Leinster Academy of DanceIrelandVideopolisDance+tap13h00
15/11/2014Belfast Operatic CompanyNorthern IrelandCastle StageChoir13h00
15/11/2014The Christmas Choral Celebration Singers**United KingdomCastle StageChoir17h00
16/11/2014Belfast Operatic CompanyNorthern IrelandVideopolisChoir13h00
21/11/2014Clan DavidsonNorthern IrelandVideopolisDance+tap14h00
21/11/2014Angela Hind School of DanceScotlandVideopolisDance15h00
22/11/2014Factory Dance AcademyEnglandVideopolisDance14h00
22/11/2014Lawrence Dance AcademyScotlandVideopolisDance15h00
22/11/2014The International Gathering of Scottish Highland DancersDisneyland ParkPreparade16h45
23/11/2014Factory Dance AcademyEnglandVideopolisDance13h00
29/11/2014The Chesterfield Musketeers ShowbandEnglandDisneyland ParkPreparade16h45
 ** In the event of bad weather, this show will be reprogrammed on the Videopolis stage.
The shows and parades mentioned are subject to change, postponement or cancellation without prioir notice, particulary in the event of bad weather


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