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There's always something new and exciting going on at Disneyland Paris. Each season brings its own harvest of wonders!

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Ratatouille : L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy

Shrinking down to the size of a rat, you'll be immersed in a Disney experience like no other. Rémy and his friends have cooked up a storm of fun through a Disneylicious adventure that's sure to leave you hungry for more!

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From October 1st to November 2nd 2014

Treat your little pumpkins to all the fun of a villainous fairytale fright, as a Maleficent spooky spell is cast over Disneyland® Park, only from October 1 to November 2, 2014.

Disneys Halloween Festival
Château wishes

From November 9th 2014 to January 7th 2015

Be quick to unwrap this early Christmas gift at Disneyland® Paris where a sled-load of festive magic, like Disney Dreams®! of Christmas, brings a flurry of enchantment your family will never forget.

Disney's Enchanted Christmas

Color and music blossom throughout Disneyland® Park. And with the smell of flowers and fun in the air, it's sure to be magnifiScent.

Swing into Spring

A night time spectacular show: Disney Dreams®!

Gaze in awe as this breathtaking, night-time spectacular illuminates Sleeping Beauty Castle! An enormous extravaganza of lights, colours, lasers and fountains fills the air and sweeps through much-loved Disney stories in pursuit of Peter Pan's escaped shadow!
Key Information:
Disney Dreams®! show will continue everyday until the 30th September 2015.

The latest news on Disney cinema releases, TV shows, DVDs and interactive games is now available at your fingertips.

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Meet Spider-Man

Blanche Neige

Ready to meet your destiny?

Newsflash! You needn't scale skyscrapers to meet the amazing Spider-Man, as he'll be dropping in on Disneyland® Paris.

So be quick and you could be snapped beside Spidey at Walt Disney Studios® Park, before appearing on the front-page of the 'Daily Bugle'.

Disney's 20th Anniversary Celebration Train

Disney's 20th Anniversary Celebration Train is bringing Disney Characters to Sleeping Beauty Castle, where they'll take their places to meet with their fans and friends.

Mickey's Winter Wonderland

In Disneyland Park

The Disney Performing Arts programme welcomes amateur performing groups from all corners of the world. 
What about yours?

Disney Performing Arts

Pin trading is a terrific way to link up with other Disney fans from all over the world and build up a dazzling collection of highly sought-after Disney-themed pins.

Pin Trading

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